Energy Saving Programs

Energy Saving ProgramsIf you are a small business, you may qualify for the new Small Business Direct Install Program with Atlantic City Electric, PSE&G and SJ GAS. With these new programs small business owners can replace their old inefficient systems and PSEG or Atlantic City Electric will pickup 70%-80% of the cost. The program is the Small Business Direct Install (SBDI) Program, this program was specifically designed for smaller businesses and organizations, with the SBDI program you can greatly improve your business’s energy efficiency at a low cost!

Systems You Can Replace With The Small Business Direct Install Program:

  • New High Efficiency HVAC System
  • LED Lighting Retrofits
  • Building Controls
  • Motors & Pumps

Using this easy and affordable plan will not only help you save now but, it will also help you in the long haul. Taking advantage of this plan means you also will get bonus incentives, these generous incentives will allow your business to be more energy efficient to save you money.

When You Start Your Journey With The SBDI Energy Saving Programs You Can:

  • Receive financial incentives for installing energy efficient equipment
  • Save energy & water
  • Reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of your equipment
  • Improve the indoor air quality of your business
  • Enhance the visibility indoors and outside of your business
  • Create a more comfortable environment for customers & work staff

With the SBDI program you only pay A.M. Botte 20%-30% of the cost out of pocket, and with the added incentives you’ll be saving a ton of money that you can then funnel back into your business! When you start your journey with the Atlantic City Electric, PSE&G or SJGAS, SBDI energy saving programs you can get a no-cost on-site energy assessment of your business/facility. Each of these energy assessments are done by our authorized expert Trade Allies. Once the assessment has been made you will get customized recommendations on how you can save more energy, you will also receive detailed cost estimates tailored to your business for any new energy efficiency improvement projects.

Small Business Direct Install Case Study

Lamp & Shade Works SBDI

SBDI Program Covers 80% of HVAC Costs for Lamp & Shade Works

A.M. Botte Mechanical provided Lamp & Shade Works with a turn-key HVAC Small Business Direct Install in partnership with Atlantic City Electric. Beginning with a no-obligation energy assessment, A.M. Botte Mechanical was able to assess the existing efficiency of the building and advise with a recommended plan of action to greatly reduce the energy consumption of the building. 

In coordination of the plan of action came the projected savings and projected incentive provided by Atlantic City Electric towards the cost of the improvements. A.M. Botte was able to maximize the incentive amount for this project to the complete allowance, which is 80% incentive. READ MORE>>>

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