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Waynesboro PA Post Office

Waynesboro PA Post Office

A.M. Botte performed a total upgrade of the Waynesboro, PA Post Office HVAC systems. We removed two old rooftop units and replaced them with new York high efficient units. We replaced the old boiler system with a new Burnham boiler and power flame gas burner, offering high and low fire for energy efficiency. We upgraded all the boiler pumps with VFD drives to help with efficiency. Once all the units were replaced,  we upgraded the HVAC controls for the entire building with a modern, building automation system (BAS). This allowed us to connect all the equipment to one central front end and monitor the building operation for maximum efficiency.

The Waynesboro Post Office now has a fully modernized system that will realize annualized savings of thousands of dollars.

Photos of Waynesboro PA Post Office Job