TLC Daycare In Voorhees, NJ

TLC Daycare in Voorhees, NJ recently hired AM Botte Commercial HVAC division to replace their entire 10 Ton AC system and 300,000 BTU gas furnace.  When TLC Daycare in Voorhees, NJ, reached out to us regarding their aging HVAC system, we knew we had a unique opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to client satisfaction and technical expertise.

The challenge was clear: TLC’s existing 10-ton AC unit and 300,000 BTU gas furnace were struggling to keep up with the demands of their facility. Replacing such a crucial system, however, would require shutting down operations, potentially impacting the daycare’s ability to care for children.

This was unacceptable. As a company dedicated to building trust and lasting relationships with our clients, we refused to let a necessary upgrade disrupt their essential services.

The problem TLC Daycare in Voorhees has was that they couldn’t close down their business while the repairs were being made. AM Botte managed to replace the entire ceiling-based, AC and Furnace system as well as run new ductwork in less than 48 hours from start to finish. Our teams worked around the clock to have TLC Daycare up and running by Monday morning.

Highlights of TLC Daycare in Voorhees, NJ   

  • Replacement of a 10 ton air handler AC system
  • Replacement of 300,000 btu induct gas furnace
  • All work was above a ceiling in the attic
  • Installed 2 York high efficient gas furnaces
  • Installed 2 York 5 ton AC units
  • Made new custom ductwork
  • Did all work over a weekend working around the clock

Photos of TLC Daycare’s 10-ton AC Unit & 300,000 Gas Unit