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Retro Fitness Center in Glassboro NJ

Retro Fitness Center in Glassboro NJ

A.M. Botte recently renovated the HVAC system for the Retro Fitness Center in Glassboro, New Jersey, they had an HVAC system that was over 30 years old. The fitness centers aging, inefficient 10-ton HVAC system that no longer met their needs and was nearing the end of its lifespan, and the folks at the Retro Fitness Center in Glassboro, NJ knew it needed to be replaced.

Our initial assessment revealed a system struggling to maintain comfortable temperatures, resulting in energy waste and potential member dissatisfaction. Recognizing the importance of minimizing disruption, we proposed a comprehensive plan to replace the existing units with a modern Trane system while preserving the integrity of the recently installed roof and its warranty.

The project’s key challenge lay in achieving this objective without compromising either the performance of the new system or the warranty on the roof. Our solution involved the development and installation of custom metal adapter curbs, seamlessly integrating the new Trane units with the existing roof infrastructure. This innovative approach eliminated the need for roof modifications, ensuring both warranty protection and a smooth installation process.

The installation itself was a testament to our team’s expertise and dedication. The two 10-ton Trane units were meticulously positioned and connected, utilizing advanced piping and wiring techniques to optimize airflow and energy efficiency. The old system was decommissioned and removed in a controlled manner, minimizing disruption to Retro Fitness operations.

Upon completion, the results were immediate and impressive. The new Trane system delivered consistent, comfortable temperatures throughout the facility, significantly enhancing the member experience. Energy consumption demonstrably decreased, contributing to both environmental and financial benefits for Retro Fitness. The successful completion of this project underscores A.M. Botte’s commitment to delivering innovative, high-performance HVAC solutions that address the unique needs of our clients.

Retro Fitness is great BUT Retro HVAC systems waste energy. 

HVAC Replacement Retro Fitness Center In Glassboro NJ