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South Jersey CML in Bellmawr, NJ


South Jersey CML in Bellmawr, NJ is the Dunkin Donuts baking and distribution facility in South Jersey. Their location in Bellmawr is crucial to operations, as it is responsible for the on-time, on-budget of bakery supplied goods to its many member franchisees throughout South Jersey. A.M. Botte was tasked with the design and installation of: HVAC Uints, Exhaust Systems and Three New Cook Lines.

We have provided the best HVAC services to several industries in our 20 years of business. We can help you save time and money on your building project by being the sole contractor for your mechanical systems. We are able to keep costs under control by helping you avoid redesigns and multiple bids. After we are finished, we keep continuous communication between the client and our construction contractors.

We installed four new rooftop units with new ductwork for each one. In the kitchen, we put in three Stainless Steel Captiveaire Kitchen Hoods, and Stainless Steel Exhaust Ductwork. By the time the project was finished, we had put three new cook lines into service. 

Services Provides to South Jersey CML in Bellmawr, NJ

  • Installation of  FOUR New 15 Ton York Rooftop Units
  • All New Custom Ductwork for the Four Units
  • Installation of THREE new 40’ Stainless Steel Captiveaire Kitchen Hoods
  • Installation of 20” Stainless Steel Exhaust Ductwork
  • Installation of SIX, 3000 CFM Exhaust Fans
  • Installation of SIX Captiveaire Make Up Air Units
  • Put THREE New Cook Lines Into Service

Photos of South Jersey CML Project in Bellmawr, NJ



Waynesboro PA Post Office

Waynesboro PA Post Office

A.M. Botte performed a total upgrade of the Waynesboro, PA Post Office HVAC systems. We removed two old rooftop units and replaced them with new York high efficient units. We replaced the old boiler system with a new Burnham boiler and power flame gas burner, offering high and low fire for energy efficiency. We upgraded all the boiler pumps with VFD drives to help with efficiency. Once all the units were replaced,  we upgraded the HVAC controls for the entire building with a modern, building automation system (BAS). This allowed us to connect all the equipment to one central front end and monitor the building operation for maximum efficiency.

The Waynesboro Post Office now has a fully modernized system that will realize annualized savings of thousands of dollars.

Photos of Waynesboro PA Post Office Job