Air Handler & Water Coil Replacement In Camden, NJ

Air Handler & Water Coil Replacement In Camden, NJ

We at A.M. Botte were contacted by a new client to do a project involving an Air Handler & Water Coil Replacement in Camden, NJ! The client, Leap Academy contacted us because their old air conditioning system wasn’t running properly and causing the teachers and faculty a ton of problems. All of our work was done on off hours to prevent interruption to the school starting Friday 5pm and finishing on a Sunday afternoon. We removed and installed 4 split air handlers with hot water coils above ceilings throughout the school. The AC units were split between the roof and the ground. The units were in very difficult locations that required us to remove piping, wiring, sprinkler piping and other obstacles. We removed and reinstalled the drop ceilings and cleaned the hallways including mopping the floors, we made all custom ductwork fittings on site with our duct fabrication truck to minimize the down time.

Highlights of Air Handler & Water Coil Replacement In Camden, NJ

  • In ceiling air handler and water coil replacement
  • Installed 4 Split Air Handlers with Water Coils
  • Installed Custom Duct Work
  • Removed Old Air Handlers

“You guys are the best! We can always count on you to get the job done!”
~Raul, Schools Handyman

Photos of job

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