Unit Overhaul In Swedesboro, NJ

Unit Overhaul In Swedesboro, NJ

A.M. Botte recently did a unit overhaul in Swedesboro, NJ! Our new clients of Burton Real Estate contacted us to do an overhaul on their AC & heating units, their old rotting systems weren’t doing the job right anymore so, they reached out to the experts at A.M. Botte! Once we made initial contact we at A.M. Botte sent out a technician to inspect their current AC & heating system, when we determined that this client did in fact need a full overhaul on their current unit we started the process of replacing it. An A.M. Botte installation team was sent out as soon as it was available, our install team was able to get the old system removed and the new unit installed in a timely and respectful manner. Burton Real Estate was very happy with the work that the experts at A.M. Botte did, their new unit properly heats & cools the building to the optimal temperatures making sure that their company can function and work comfortably!

Highlights of the Unit Overhaul In Swedesboro, NJ:

  • 80,000 square foot Building overhaul
  • We hung and installed 17-350,000 btu hanging unit heaters 32” in the air
  • We ran all the flue piping through the roof for each hanging unit
  • We ran 2500’ of welded and threaded gas piping ranging from ½’ to 3”
  • We replaced 6 roof top package units for the office areas
  • Excavated and Repaired 22 floor drains
  • We fabricated a custom 6’ diameter steel ejector pit cover
  • We install 2 new 3hp ejector pit pumps with a new field fabricated mounting system and all new piping and check valves
  • We repaired the roof access ladder and safety cage

Photos of Job:

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