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SBDI Program Covers 80% of HVAC Costs for Lamp & Shade Works

Lamp & Shade Works SBDI

A.M. Botte Mechanical provided Lamp & Shade Works with a turn-key HVAC Small Business Direct Install in partnership with Atlantic City Electric. Beginning with a no-obligation energy assessment, A.M. Botte Mechanical was able to assess the existing efficiency of the building and advise with a recommended plan of action to greatly reduce the energy consumption of the building. 

In coordination of the plan of action came the projected savings and projected incentive provided by Atlantic City Electric towards the cost of the improvements. A.M. Botte Mechanical was able to maximize the incentive amount for this project to the complete allowance, which is 80% incentive. This means that our client only had to pay 20% of the job total, and Atlantic City Electric paid for 80% of the total. Not only that, but Lamp & Shade Works was also able to finance their out of pocket portion at 0% for 60 months.  Needless to say, our client was thrilled with these results!

Lamp & Shade Works received the following improvements:

  • Removal & disposal of (11) old, inefficient packaged HVAC units on the roof
  • Turn-key installation of (11) brand new, high-efficiency, packaged HVAC units built in America
  • Special efficiency & fresh air controls to maximize savings & provide free cooling to the building when applicable
  • New programmable smart thermostats 
  • New water heaters
  • Aerators on all lavatories to increase efficiency and reduce hot water consumption 

Photos from Lamp & Shade Works SBDI Project

Video from Lamp & Shade Project

HVAC System Installation at Tonewood Brewery in Barrington, NJ

HVAC System Installation at Tonewood Brewery in Barrington, NJ

A.M. Botte recently completed an entire HVAC system installation at Tonewood Brewery in Barrington, NJ. We were hired by Eli Facchinei, who is the owner/operator to design build and install all new HVAC for his new  brewery location in Barrington, NJ. We installed (2) York 15 ton RTU’s with exposed duct work on the roof. The duct work then dropped down and transitioned into double wall custom oval/round spiral. We installed (2) Macroaire 10’ diameter fans along with (1) 14’ diameter fan, these units where installed over top of the vats to assist in cooling the space. We installed (4) high efficiency Reznor unit heaters in the brewing area. We also installed a York mini split to provide heating and cooling in the lab. With craftsmanship and attention to detail our team was able to design build and install all of the HVAC on time and in budget. Craftsmanship that will last a lifetime! 

Highlights of HVAC System Installation at Tonewood Brewery in Barrington, NJ

  • Complete System and Ductwork Design
  • 2 York 15 Ton Units
  • 2 Macroaire 10’ diameter fans
  • 1 14’ diameter fan
  • 4 high efficiency Reznor heaters
  • 1 York mini split system

“The oval duct was a great idea we love it!”
– Eli Facchinei: Owner, Tonewood Brewery

Photos of HVAC Installation at Tonewood Brewery in Barrington, NJ

Health Advocate in Plymouth Meeting, PA

Health Advocate in Plymouth Meeting

Recently a Health Advocate in Plymouth Meeting, PA reached out to our team at AM Botte Commercial HVAC to provide a replacement of their heat pump HVAC system as well as new ductwork and air intakes. Health advocate could not close their business operations as they are staffed 7 days per week. Our team at AM Botte was able to perform all work at their Plymouth Meeting location during the hours of 6PM – 6AM, causing no interruption to their business operations. We replaced 6 heat pumps, installed 4 fresh air intake systems, all new ductwork with motorized dampers and wired the systems into their building automation control system. After the job was done we did a full clean up of the site leaving no remnants behind. The Health Advocate in Plymouth Meeting, PA, was ecstatic about the work done now knowing the building will now be fully operational with heating making the building the perfect temperature for everyone.

Highlights of Health Advocate in Plymouth Meeting, PA

  • Upgrade of 6 heat pump split systems
  • Replace 6 systems with new York heat pumps
  • Run all new power wiring and controls for new equipment
  • Run all new refrigerant lines through the existing building
  • Integrated the new units into the building management system
  • Install 4 new fresh air intake fans with all ductwork, motorized dampers and controls
  • All work was done 6pm to 6am after hours ensuring the medical space was un interrupted and clean each do so they were not disrupted
  • All work done in an occupied finished space above ceilings    

Photos of Health Advocate HVAC Replacement in Plymouth Meeting, PA

TLC Daycare In Voorhees, NJ

TLC Daycare in Voorhees, NJ recently hired AM Botte Commercial HVAC division to replace their entire 10 Ton AC system and 300,000 BTU gas furnace.  When TLC Daycare in Voorhees, NJ, reached out to us regarding their aging HVAC system, we knew we had a unique opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to client satisfaction and technical expertise.

The challenge was clear: TLC’s existing 10-ton AC unit and 300,000 BTU gas furnace were struggling to keep up with the demands of their facility. Replacing such a crucial system, however, would require shutting down operations, potentially impacting the daycare’s ability to care for children.

This was unacceptable. As a company dedicated to building trust and lasting relationships with our clients, we refused to let a necessary upgrade disrupt their essential services.

The problem TLC Daycare in Voorhees has was that they couldn’t close down their business while the repairs were being made. AM Botte managed to replace the entire ceiling-based, AC and Furnace system as well as run new ductwork in less than 48 hours from start to finish. Our teams worked around the clock to have TLC Daycare up and running by Monday morning.

Highlights of TLC Daycare in Voorhees, NJ   

  • Replacement of a 10 ton air handler AC system
  • Replacement of 300,000 btu induct gas furnace
  • All work was above a ceiling in the attic
  • Installed 2 York high efficient gas furnaces
  • Installed 2 York 5 ton AC units
  • Made new custom ductwork
  • Did all work over a weekend working around the clock

Photos of TLC Daycare’s 10-ton AC Unit & 300,000 Gas Unit

Retro Fitness Center in Glassboro NJ

Retro Fitness Center in Glassboro NJ

A.M. Botte recently renovated the HVAC system for the Retro Fitness Center in Glassboro, New Jersey, they had an HVAC system that was over 30 years old. The fitness centers aging, inefficient 10-ton HVAC system that no longer met their needs and was nearing the end of its lifespan, and the folks at the Retro Fitness Center in Glassboro, NJ knew it needed to be replaced.

Our initial assessment revealed a system struggling to maintain comfortable temperatures, resulting in energy waste and potential member dissatisfaction. Recognizing the importance of minimizing disruption, we proposed a comprehensive plan to replace the existing units with a modern Trane system while preserving the integrity of the recently installed roof and its warranty.

The project’s key challenge lay in achieving this objective without compromising either the performance of the new system or the warranty on the roof. Our solution involved the development and installation of custom metal adapter curbs, seamlessly integrating the new Trane units with the existing roof infrastructure. This innovative approach eliminated the need for roof modifications, ensuring both warranty protection and a smooth installation process.

The installation itself was a testament to our team’s expertise and dedication. The two 10-ton Trane units were meticulously positioned and connected, utilizing advanced piping and wiring techniques to optimize airflow and energy efficiency. The old system was decommissioned and removed in a controlled manner, minimizing disruption to Retro Fitness operations.

Upon completion, the results were immediate and impressive. The new Trane system delivered consistent, comfortable temperatures throughout the facility, significantly enhancing the member experience. Energy consumption demonstrably decreased, contributing to both environmental and financial benefits for Retro Fitness. The successful completion of this project underscores A.M. Botte’s commitment to delivering innovative, high-performance HVAC solutions that address the unique needs of our clients.

Retro Fitness is great BUT Retro HVAC systems waste energy. 

HVAC Replacement Retro Fitness Center In Glassboro NJ

HVAC Replacement at Gloucester County Community Church

HVAC Replacement at Gloucester County Community Church5

A.M. Botte recently performed a full HVAC system replacement at Gloucester County Community Church at 359 Chapel Heights Road in Sewell, NJ. 

Features of HVAC Replacement at Gloucester County Community Church

  • Replaced rotted cooling tower 
  • Replaced rotted steel I beam support for the cooling tower
  • Reconfigure water supply piping
  • We only had the building down a few hours off shift
  • Replaced motor starter control with a VF drive 

Photos of HVAC Replacement at Gloucester County Community Church

HVAC for Warehouse Conversion in Philadelphia

HVAC for Warehouse Conversion in Philadelphia

A.M. Botte recently performed all the design and installation work for a warehouse conversion project in Philadelphia, PA. 

Features of HVAC for Warehouse Conversion in Philadelphia

  • (8) New 10 ton Roof Top units – Combination of Carrier and York
  • Leveled and Installed (8) New Roof Curbs
  • 1700 feet of new High Pressure Gas Line
  • 4-way Supply Diffusers
  • Supplied and welded the steel support for the roof top units

Photos of HVAC for Warehouse Conversion in Philadelphia

4 Rooftop Units in Philadelphia, PA

4 Rooftop Units in Philadelphia, PA

We were contacted by a new client to replace 4 Rooftop Units in Philadelphia at a strip mall. The property management company for the shopping center called us in an emergency with a tight deadline in mind. They needed the job done start to finish in less than in one week! With careful planning by the management team, and flawless execution from our install department, A.M. Botte was able to complete the job in just three days! Great job team!

Photos of Old Rooftop Units in Philadelphia

Photos of Our Team in Action

Photos of New Rooftop Units in Philadelphia

Air Handler & Water Coil Replacement In Camden, NJ

Air Handler & Water Coil Replacement In Camden, NJ

We at A.M. Botte were contacted by a new client to do a project involving an Air Handler & Water Coil Replacement in Camden, NJ! The client, Leap Academy contacted us because their old air conditioning system wasn’t running properly and causing the teachers and faculty a ton of problems. All of our work was done on off hours to prevent interruption to the school starting Friday 5pm and finishing on a Sunday afternoon. We removed and installed 4 split air handlers with hot water coils above ceilings throughout the school. The AC units were split between the roof and the ground. The units were in very difficult locations that required us to remove piping, wiring, sprinkler piping and other obstacles. We removed and reinstalled the drop ceilings and cleaned the hallways including mopping the floors, we made all custom ductwork fittings on site with our duct fabrication truck to minimize the down time.

Highlights of Air Handler & Water Coil Replacement In Camden, NJ

  • In ceiling air handler and water coil replacement
  • Installed 4 Split Air Handlers with Water Coils
  • Installed Custom Duct Work
  • Removed Old Air Handlers

“You guys are the best! We can always count on you to get the job done!”
~Raul, Schools Handyman

Photos of job

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Unit Overhaul In Swedesboro, NJ

Unit Overhaul In Swedesboro, NJ

A.M. Botte recently did a unit overhaul in Swedesboro, NJ! Our new clients of Burton Real Estate contacted us to do an overhaul on their AC & heating units, their old rotting systems weren’t doing the job right anymore so, they reached out to the experts at A.M. Botte! Once we made initial contact we at A.M. Botte sent out a technician to inspect their current AC & heating system, when we determined that this client did in fact need a full overhaul on their current unit we started the process of replacing it. An A.M. Botte installation team was sent out as soon as it was available, our install team was able to get the old system removed and the new unit installed in a timely and respectful manner. Burton Real Estate was very happy with the work that the experts at A.M. Botte did, their new unit properly heats & cools the building to the optimal temperatures making sure that their company can function and work comfortably!

Highlights of the Unit Overhaul In Swedesboro, NJ:

  • 80,000 square foot Building overhaul
  • We hung and installed 17-350,000 btu hanging unit heaters 32” in the air
  • We ran all the flue piping through the roof for each hanging unit
  • We ran 2500’ of welded and threaded gas piping ranging from ½’ to 3”
  • We replaced 6 roof top package units for the office areas
  • Excavated and Repaired 22 floor drains
  • We fabricated a custom 6’ diameter steel ejector pit cover
  • We install 2 new 3hp ejector pit pumps with a new field fabricated mounting system and all new piping and check valves
  • We repaired the roof access ladder and safety cage

Photos of Job:

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